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Ageing in the Crisis – Experiences from Greece

edited by Fred Karl.
LIT Verlag Wien/Zürich, 198 p., € 29,90.
ISBN 978-3-643-90984-8 (Paperback)
ISBN 978-3-643-95984-3 (E-book)


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Table of contents:

Fred Karl

Elderly poverty and deprivation during crisis
Stefanos Papanastasiou, Christos Papatheodorou

Pension system and pension reform in Greece
Platon Tinios

Population ageing, private consumption and economic exclusion
Ioannis Kostakis, Frank Stevens

The impact of the Greek financial crisis on health and ageing
Alexandra Foscolou, Demosthenes Panagiotakos

The prevalence of mental disorders within the elderly population in Greece
Antonios Politis, Marina Economou, Christos Theleritis

The family, the elderly and the crisis
Antigone Lyberaki

Intergenerational relations: Grandparenting styles in Greece today
Anna Pagoropoulou-Aventissian, Angeliki Skamvetsaki, Dimitra Vardalachaki

The need for civil society in Greece 
Dimitrios Sotiropoulos

Active Ageing in a Time of Crisis and Lessons from Civil Society
50plus Hellas

Demographic trends and sociological reflections
Fred Karl


Demographic ageing per se should not be a crisis for either societies or individuals, though often reported as problematic. Social and economic conditions affect how ageing is perceived, but what about ageing during long periods of crisis, when external conditions worsen. Do these crises act against ageing in good health and with high levels of well being?  Transnationally it is important to look specifically at the experiences of those countries most shaken by the severe financial crisis of 2008 and beyond. 

Greece is such a case, where traditionally many older people's pensions were used to help finance other family members; now with high levels of unemployment, pensions may still represent the only steady, though depleted, source of extended-household income. However, older people are facing special health risks arising from unmet needs due both to reduced pensions and to increased co-payments within a worsening health service system.

The book describes the strong influence of the financial crisis in Greece on ageing, health and social relations and identifies the challenges to which Greek political parties, administrations, governments and citizens of all ages need to respond. It also gives an insight into inter-generational initiatives and projects in the fields of lifelong and later-life learning, healthy ageing and human rights. 

The authors represent the multidisciplinary field of economics, social policy, health and family research and civil society in Greece. The editor of this book has many years of experience in European learning partnerships and worked as a university professor of social gerontology in Germany. 


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